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Decorative Edge Roller Brush Set

Decorative Edge Roller Brush Set

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If you're in need of a reliable and effective paint edger, then look no further than the Decorative Edge Roller Brush Set! This convenient tool comes with a clean-cut paint edger roller brush that is easy to use, allowing you to achieve beautiful and complete wall coverage with ease. The 360° rotation design of the handle also makes it possible to use the brush from all directions. Furthermore, its roller brush head and little brush can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement purposes. A great general purpose tool, this set is perfect for painting walls, ceilings, window frames, and other large or small surface areas. Plus, with the help of the included small brush, you can paint edges and corners that aren’t reached by the roller for maximum accuracy in coverage. Get professional quality results every time with this durable Decorative Edge Roller Brush Set!



Product Attributes:
Model: Kingdow-897
Filament Material; sponge
Bristle Length; 10 (mm)

Package Included:
1*Set of Decorative Edge Roller Brush

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