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Replacement Lid for Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Replacement Lid for Hydro Flask Water Bottle

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Sometimes you just need an upgrade for your everyday water bottle. Enter the Replacement Lid for Hydro Flask Water Bottle: a sleek and professional accessory designed to help refresh your daily routine. With its flexible handle design, this wide-mouth nut is easy to hold while saving backpack space. Plus, it turns your wide-mouth bottle into a narrow-mouth bottle - making it easier to drink while ensuring the cap operates safely via screw top. This lid is suitable for Hydro Flask, Takeya, and most modern minimalist water bottles in sizes of 12oz, 16oz, 18oz, 20oz, 32oz, 40oz and 64oz - although shaker cups cannot be used. And with its leak-proof and portable design that's easy to carry - perfect for any outdoor activity - this is an ideal accessory for your water bottle. Get ready for a professional upgrade that will have you feeling refreshed during your everyday routine!



Material: PP+TPR
Purpose: For Hydro flask wide mouth series

Package Included:
1pc* Bottle Lid

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