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SHF Spirits Action Figure Toy

SHF Spirits Action Figure Toy

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Introducing the SHF Spirits Action Figure Toy - the perfect gift for any anime fan. This limited edition Kyrieloid for Tiga Trigger Multi-Type Anime Model Action Figures is made from high-quality, durable ABS plastic. It's a great way to bring your favourite characters to life with immersive poses, beautiful craftsmanship and outrageously detailed body sculpts. You can enjoy the playful atmosphere of imaginative play or display it in your collection as a piece of art. Whether you're a collector or a fan of anime figures, this special addition is perfect for both. Make sure to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind gift and take your fandom to the next level!




Size : 15cm(1/12 SHF Model)
Material : ABS Plastic

Package : 
Original Color Box

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