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Shisha Hookah Hose Holder

Shisha Hookah Hose Holder

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The Shisha Hookah Hose Holder is a premium product designed to protect and organize your game controllers. This versatile holder is made of durable aluminum, making it perfect for tough use. With a sleek design, this holder will add aesthetic appeal to any environment. It is suitable for the PS5/PS4/Slim/Pro Game Controller and makes an ideal addition to chicha narguile water smoking accessories collection. Practical and multifunctional, the Shisha Hookah Hose Holder ensures that you can easily store, organize, and transport your game controllers when not in use. No more misplaced or tangled cords- simply hang your controller from the convenient wall mount provided with each holder. The Shisha Hookah Hose Holder is stylish as well as functional- a great addition to any modern home or gaming center!



Item Name: Shisha Hookah Hose Holder
Color: Black
Weight:90 G/Pc Approx
Feature: Play games and enjoy Shisha Hookah

Package Included:
1 PC Shisha Hookah Hose Holder

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