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Short-Term Listening Chinese Threshold /Elementary/Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate 2nd Edition Textbooks from Beginners

Short-Term Listening Chinese Threshold /Elementary/Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate 2nd Edition Textbooks from Beginners

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About this series:

"Short-term Listening Chinese" is a series of listening textbooks for short-term Chinese students . The topic and content are rich ,  and can also be used for long-term learners. There are five levels : threshold, elementary, pre- intermediate, intermediate and advanced . Each  level is divided into two books: “textbook” and “recorded text and answer keys”. Each lesson includes several parts, such as vocabulary, sentence pattern, sentences, the warm-up exercise, and the exercise of the text. Some of the books also set up comprehensive exercises and listening exercises.

  The 2nd edition of "Threshold" consists of 15 lessons, including communication activities such as daily life, study and social activities, including greetings, shopping, transportation, eating, hobbies, living services, health care, weather and other communication projects. Each lesson includes four parts: single sentence listening, one question and one answer dialogue, dialogue listening and short text listening. The content of the listening is from short to long, from shallow to deep, and gradually deepens, especially suitable for beginners. At the same time, with the deepening of the communicative tasks, the difficulty of the texts increases step by step, which is well adapted to the needs of students to gradually improve their Chinese listening skills.


        First printing books include CDs, reprints do not include CDs, you can download mp3 or leave us your email , we will send to you !


Product informations:

Page & ISBN:

246/138 pages(Threshold); 9787561930816  

274pages(Elementary) 9787561929469

233pages (Pre-Intermediate)9787561928257

 194pages(Intermediate) 9787561929308 

Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press (2010- 2011)

Size: 26.2 x 20.8 x 3 cm/10.3x7.3x1.2in

Package included:

Textbook +recorded texts and  answer keys

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